Hey, Read This Before You Date a Leo

These kitty cats are always searching for a sunbeam.

Have you ever spent hours scrolling through old Instagram posts, desperately trying to figure out your crush’s sign? (Yeah…me neither….) Well, thankfully, there’s no need for detective work when you’re vibing with a Leo: Lions will never, ever let you forget that they’re the kings/queens/rulers of the zodiac jungle. Expect 'em to post a #tbt to their huuuuge bday party about once a week. And yeah, of course they celebrate entire bday months—and their fans friends are happy to attend every single event!

Ruled by the Sun (the literal center of the solar system), fiery Leos (born July 22 to August 22, btw) love to shine. But before you bask in their radiant rays, it’s essential you put on some sunscreen—after all, you don’t want to get burned! Although they love to bask in the Sun, these lions can still roar. So here’s everything you need to know about Leo’s glow to make sure you get all the warmth without any of the scorch.

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Love it or hate it, Leo knows that they were born for the spotlight. While this doesn’t necessarily mean your Leo lover is pursuing a public-facing career (although there are many Leo actors), this celestial lion is ferociously committed to building their reputation in all areas of life. Of course, Leo aspires to be a benevolent leader. These lions are obsessed with cultivating their kingdom—er, I mean community. Simply put, they take their friendships extremely seriously, so they’re constantly organizing brunches, hosting Zoom parties, and planning late-night karaoke sessions. Don’t like singing? No problem, Leo is happy to go first.

From the outside, it may seem like this larger-than-life lion is constantly seeking praise. But that’s not how Leos perceive themselves. In fact, they feel like it’s their responsibility to bring people together in fun, vibrant, and positive ways. Leo wants to help others feel more open, confident, and creative. They’re happy to lead by example—it’s a tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

Fundamentally, Leo isn’t looking for just another subject—er, friend. They want to be with someone who genuinely understands that while their actions may appear self-centric, their intention is to cultivate a supportive community where everyone can be celebrated. Of course, Leo deserves the throne, but they want a coruler too. Leos are all about a power couple. They’re always looking for the Antony to their Cleopatra, the Michelle to their Barack, the Harry to their Meghan. (Cleo, Barack, and Meghan? All Leos, of course.)


Leos function like their celestial ruler, the Sun. The Sun is dependable: It rises every morning, soars high into the sky, and then descends each evening to rest. It never goes retrograde, unlike the Moon, which is constantly shape-shifting. Loyal Leo is the same way—you’ll always have their warm, straightforward support.

Leos pride themselves on being reliable, compassionate partners. When it comes to matters of the heart (fun fact: Leo governs the heart in ancient astrobiology), these lions enjoy all types of romantic expressions. Yes, Leo loves lavish dinners, exclusive parties, and all-access passes, but they don’t want you to do all the work! In fact, nothing delights Leo more than the opportunity to show off their taste and access. So don’t be surprised if your lion lover introduces you to their friends, invites you to their fave cocktail lounge, or treats you to surprise courtside seats. Don’t get me wrong: Leo certainly wants you to impress them…but they also want you to know that they can pull some serious strings. And by strings, yes, they mean an occasional favor from Elon Musk. It’s NBD—they go way back. Isn’t little X Æ A-12 adorbs, btw?

As a self-proclaimed A-lister, Leo always treats their lovers like superstars—but what is fame without tabloids? It’s true: They adore drama-fueled romances that belong on Page Six. Lions believe that passion requires a little heat (after all, they’re a fire sign), so get ready for reality TV-style blowouts followed by hot makeup sex. However, don’t get it twisted: Extravagant theatrics are one thing, but genuine conflict is a different story. As over the top as Leo can be, these lions don’t want any negative, heavy clouds blocking their radiance, and if lighthearted drama turns into serious hostility, they’ll kick you off the guest list faster than you can say, “I’m with the band.”


So you think you can handle the glitz and glam of dating a Leo? Remember that lions love to have a good time. Nothing is a bigger turn-on than endless positivity, fearless confidence, and unabashed adoration. Like a classic Hollywood movie, Leo has big feelings, which they want to express freely and shamelessly. This lion believes that each day is a new opportunity to create their own blockbuster rom-com. How epic!

Leo doesn’t mind if their partner has a bit of an ego—after all, this lion wants to make sure their coruler looks good in a crown. On the flip side, however, too much pomposity is a total turn-off. Not only does Leo abhor arrogance (so gauche!), but they do not want to be upstaged. Unless you’re planning on joining Leo’s double act, don’t you dare touch their mic. You’re in their kingdom, show a little respect!


Who’s ready for a royal wedding? Fellow fire signs Aries and Sagittarius amplify Leo’s natural glow. These brazen zodiac signs appreciate Leo’s dynamic charisma and are nurtured by the celestial lion’s cheerful warmth. Aries’ spark electrifies Leo’s radiance, while Sagittarius’s passionate wanderlust helps Leo expand their territory. However, Leo should expect some serious power struggles with Taurus and Scorpio. Stubborn Taurus finds Leo’s theatrics exhausting, and secretive Scorpio ruthlessly judges Leo’s attention-seeking habits. To make it work with a Leo, these signs need to remember that not everyone shines under the same light!

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