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Editorial Policies


We keep it 💯 with you, always. Our content isn’t just fun—it is really, really fun though—it’s also thoroughly edited and fact-checked for accuracy, clarity, and fairness. If we’re recommending a pair of jeans, a TV show, hell, even a sex position, trust: It’s because we have tried it ourselves and think you’ll love it. Oh, and did we mention we regularly consult our go-to health, sex, beauty, fashion, and trends experts for insights, second opinions, and analysis? Well, we do.

Affiliate Disclosure

Since we believe in being fully transparent with you guys, we want you to know that we participate in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commission when you buy something you’ve discovered on our site. However, we only ever recommend products to you that we truly love and back 100 percent. The merchandise we feature on our site is always driven by editorial standards, not by affiliate deals or advertising relationships.


JSYK, we have a strict privacy policy. We care deeply about our readers and appreciate the trust you’ve placed in us. And we’d never slide into your DMs unless you said it was cool.

Contact Us

Wanna send us a note the old-fashioned way? The Cosmopolitan office is located at 300 W 57th Street in New York City. Or you can shoot us an email at social@cosmopolitan.com. If you’re more into stalking on LinkedIn, then check out our entire team below.

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The Cosmo news team stays busy. We know you’re hungry for the latest update on Lady Gaga’s love life and we want to keep you in the know. Kate and Meghan’s “feud”? Let’s wade through the rumors together. Trump just awkwardly tried to hold Melania’s hand? You bet we’re cringing—and finding an expert body-language analysis of the whole damn thing. We speak pop culture and have very strong opinions on which Kardashian-Jenner bb is the cutest.

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On the features team, we spend months conceiving, reporting, and editing the longer, in-depth stories and investigations you can’t look away from (like, ahem, the ones about the government’s assaults on your reproductive rights). We are obsessed with mental health, weird subcultures, women in politics, birth control, college, and internet witches.

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Consider us your ride-or-dies when it comes to love, lust, and everything in between—because, yep, that’s all we ever talk about. We’ll tell you exactly what to say to that dating app match, help you figure out if the fight you had with bae the other night was a red flag, and give you the most honest sex advice and hot-AF bedroom tips—backed by the latest facts and most trusted pros in the game. “Team Lusties” has got you.

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We’re thirsty. Thirsty for internet boyfriends, for deep dives into Netflix rom-coms, for new photos of Jacob Elordi with his shirt off. (Don’t @ us.) Join us as we obsessively track the status of Timothée Chalamet’s hair or if you need to know WTF is going on in the latest true-crime series. We are a judgment-free zone where no reality show is too trashy and being attracted to serial killers played by Zac Efron and Penn Badgley is perfectly normal.

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The beauty team devotes our lives to three things: (1) finding the best beauty products that *actually* work, (2) getting really, really, really good skin with zero effort, and (3) tracking the ever-changing state of Kylie Jenner’s hair. We create the tutorials you screenshot, the trends you try on yourself, and the myth-busting stories you text your friends. And we’re the only people outside of your mom who care deeply about your zits (how are they, BTW?).

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The Cosmo fashion team is all about ID’ing the super-sweet sales, testing out the cool new trends (are asymmetrical jeans actually wearable?), and finding pants you can lounge in while still looking good (and like you tried—just a little). And yes, we *will* report on the crazy thing Miley Cyrus wore last night because, we’re sorry, it’s probably too wild NOT to talk about.

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Consider Cosmo astro your cosmic life coach when it comes to acing ev-er-y-thing the universe throws your way. We’re here to help you survive Mercury Retrograde, casually ask your crush for their birth time so you can go deep on your compatibility (like, what’s their Venus sign?), decode every last detail of your natal chart, and find your next favorite tarot deck. Astrology is about much more than your weekly horoscope (although we have three of those too!) and we’re here to help you explore it all.

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The Cosmo lifestyle team is here to help you get your dream job and your dream butt—because you can obvs have both. We’ll tell you about all the best cocktail recipes, how to party like a pro and turn your home into a cozy oasis, and the best ways to budget, save, and actually spend like a smarty. And if you wanna figure out all the ways you can be healthy without giving up a GD thing—we gotchu.

emerging platforms

The emerging platforms team brings the news you care about (and Very Important astrological things) to Snapchat Discover. We churn out informative and educational videos on TikTok too. (Are you following us?) We’re always looking to make fresh, innovative projects sparkle, so don’t come around us if you don’t have sunglasses. Our sun sign is Britney Spears and our rising sign is Lady Gaga.

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We’re the production nerds! We get to hang out with celebrities and ask them all kinds of nosy questions to serve the greater purpose of bringing you the tea. Want to watch your faves try and guess which bougie stuff is more expensive? Or laugh at celebs who have one minute to learn a Tiktok challenge? We’re your peeps. Subscribe to our YouTube channel to see what we’re up to and leave us a comment about who you’re dying to see in our studio! We read them, we swear.

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