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40 Gifts for Brothers That’ll Def Make You His Fave Sibling

Shhh, don’t tell the others!

best gifts for brothers

Shopping for your sibling can be a struggle, and that’s definitely an understatement. You might know your sister or brother better than anyone else (they’re basically a built-in best friend), but that doesn’t mean you always know what to get them for their birthday, a holiday, or any other major milestone. And considering you’ve known them for most of your life (or your entire life, if you’re a younger sib), you can only come up with so many original gift ideas before you start cycling through the same go-tos once again.

When a gift card just doesn’t seem special enough, you’ve gotta turn to the pros. And the pros would be us! So if you could use a little (or a lot of) guidance in the gifting department, we’ve gotcha covered. Consider this the ultimate guide full of ideas—no matter what your bro may like. Maybe he’s a ~teen boy~ who’s into tech gadgets and music or he’s a college student who could use a new backpack or pair of shoes for running across campus. Or perhaps your brother’s a recent college grad who loves to entertain and needs help stocking up his new kitchen and bar cart. Whatever the case, we’ve got puh-lenty of great gift suggestions that brothers of all ages and personality types will like.

So stop stressing and start scrolling through the 40 (told ya we had plenty) best gifts for brothers below. At least you can now cross your brother off the list and start brainstorming ideas for your other family members. And if you want your gift to arrive in time for the holidays, make sure you place those orders ASAP! Due to supply chain issues, we’re expecting major shipping delays this year, so no procrastinating allowed!

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this cool phone case
Gameboy Case for iPhone XR

If you’re shopping for a brother who lived through the ’80s and ’90s, this nostalgic phone case complete with 36 games will remind him of his absolute favorite toy as a kid.

this tasty waffle topper
Bourbon Barrel-Aged Maple Syrup
Runamok Maple

If the guy’s a foodie, he’ll love drizzling this syrup (which has been aged in charred American oak bourbon barrels) over meats, in cocktails, and, of course, on waffles.

this beard-trimming catcher
Beard Bib
Beard King

Part gag gift, part serious gift. If you and your brother share a bathroom, this tarp for catching beard trimmings is totally passive-aggressive and totally perfect for a gift idea.

this cord organizer
Electronic Organizer

Not only can this travel bag fit multiple chargers, cables, and batteries, it can also fit a whole iPad inside. It’s great for the brother who can’t go anywhere without all his devices.

these sleek earbuds
QuietComfort Noise-Canceling Earbuds
Now 29% off

He would be forever grateful if you got him these noise-canceling earbuds that allow for hours upon hours of listening time. The battery life on these is next-level!

this funny gift
Throwback Soap Bar
Duke Cannon

Say hello to the most hilarious stocking stuffer ever! If you and your bro are constantly giving each other a hard time, a funny bar of soap is something he’ll get a kick out of as well as a lotta use.

these slide sandals
Big Logo Techloom Slides
Athletic Propulsion Labs

These cushioned slides are so comfy! Don’t be surprised if he wears them to the gym, pool, and everywhere in between.

these delish cookies
The Cookie Faves Tin
Milk Bar

Does your bro have a serious sweet tooth? Get him what he really wants: a box of delicious cookies that are the perfect balance of crunchy, gooey, and chewy.

these house slippers
Milo Convertible Slipper

Tired of seeing your bro’s non-pedicured feet around the house? A pair of comfy, practical house slips will fix that in no time.

this grooming gift set
Complete Beard Kit
Shea Moisture

If your brother is a beard guy, he needs this set of grooming products to keep it looking nice and healthy. Inside the gift box, he’ll find a cleanser, detangler, conditioning oil, and balm to keep his chin hairs feeling soft and looking shiny.

this classic timepiece
Worley Chronograph Watch, Gold
Talley & Twine

A stainless steel watch in an all-gold finish will look mighty good on his wrist—and hopefully keep him on time. A gal can dream, right?

this tasting set
Spiegelau Craft Beer Tasting Kit
crate and barrel

Your brother will love drinking his favorite IPA, American wheat, stout, and barrel-aged beers in these glasses that were specifically designed for the four different beer types. Talk about fancy!

this button-down shirt
Non-Iron Solid Dress Shirt

A dress shirt that works for any occasion (like a wedding, the office, a night out—the list goes on) will last a long time in his wardrobe. Even if he’s not big into fashion, this piece is a closet staple.

this duffel bag
Convertible Garment Bag With Shoulder Strap

From the outside, this carryall looks like your typical sleek duffel bag. But once your brother opens it up completely, he’ll find that it transforms into a garment hanging bag with lots of genius compartments.

this pair of versatile shorts
Flex Pro Jersey Tulum Trunk
Good Man Brand

You can never go wrong with a few solid basics. He can wear these comfy, stretchy slim-fit shorts pretty much anywhere.

a meat thermometer
TP03 Digital Instant Read Meat Thermometer
Now 50% off

Any grill pro (or aspiring one) needs an instant thermometer to make sure everything is cooked to perfection. And for less than 15 bucks, you can be the new favorite sibling.

this sock subscription
Surprise Pair of Socks Subscription: Crew Socks
Sock Fancy

This sock subscription service will deliver a new pair of printed crew socks to his door each month—just in time to replace his mismatched pair. How does he never have matching socks on?!

these jogger sweatpants
Fleece Jogger Pant
Amazon Essentials

Sometimes you just wanna stay indoors all day and do nothing. These fleece joggers were made for exactly that, yet they also look nice enough to wear in public with some sneakers (exhibit A: the photo here). 

this leather bracelet
Men’s Bare Wrap Bracelet

If his style can best be described as casual but still classy, a simple leather cord with a stainless steel accent is the perfect everyday accessory. The rich brown color pairs well with just about anything.

this hardware organizer
The Bucketeer Bucket Tool Organizer in Brown
Bucket Boss

The handy brother who knows how to fix everything could use one of these bucket organizers for all his tools. It’s like a tool box but lighter and easier to sort.

these cool kicks
Grand Court Shoes

Some classic Adidas sneakers will be his favorite pair to wear, so brace yourself because he’s gonna need a new one for his next birthday. And with this style, you can choose from a million different colorways that suit his vibe.

this classic beanie
Standard Marled Beanie

His neglected fall/winter wardrobe needs a serious update, amiright?! A black knit beanie will keep his head warm but his outfit cool.

this audio throwback
Portable Record Player
Now 22% off

Is his idea of a fun time going hunting for old records? Give him a retro-looking player that includes Bluetooth, so he can stream music too. 

these modern coasters
Charcoal Concrete Coaster

It doesn’t matter if he has his own place or he’s still living at home with the ’rents, these coasters are great to keep on any coffee table or nightstand. Plus, they just look cool and will make for interesting conversation starters.

this cocktail kit
Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

You know your big bro loves a good cocktail. This clever kit will help him infuse his booze with flavor. Each pouch comes complete with all the fruits, spices, and herbs necessary for making amaaazing at-home drinks.

this leather belt
Reversible Belt

A reversible two-tone leather belt will get double the wear! And it’ll make any of his ’fits look a little more refined.

this bold wallet
Bifold Wallet

A minimalist who’s constantly cleaning out his wallet will appreciate this slim, modern design. And the pop of color adds an unexpected element of fun to his otherwise neutral wardrobe of basics.

this beard moisturizer
Beard Moisturizer
Murdock London

Does your bro constantly talk about his facial hair? Then he’ll love a fancy moisturizer. With cedarwood and eucalyptus oil, it also happens to smell incredible.

this versatile backpack
Heritage Backpack

Whether he’s going to a coffee shop, school, work, or traveling for the weekend, he’ll like a simple backpack that’s compact enough for easy transport. Plus, it has multiple pockets for maximum storage.

this hilarious wall art
“Wash Yo Ass” Pendant
Rayo & Honey

If your bro is the eternal jokester, it doesn’t get any better than this gift. I mean, how can you not laugh at this?!

these silk cuff links
Silk Knot Fabric Cuff Links, 5-Pair Set
Honey Bear

Cuff links don’t need to be super expensive to look fancy. Take this set of knotted silk ones, for instance, that he can use for all those dressier occasions.

these stylish sunnies
Striped Gradient Polarized Sunglasses

A pair of tortoiseshell frames with polarized lenses will make your bro the most stylish guy in the room. And maaaybe you just might end up stealing these down the road.

this classy decanter
Hatch Decanter
Crate & Barrel

His signature drink is whiskey on the rocks, which means a classy decanter is definitely in order (it will look much better than a liquor bottle on his bar cart). And even if whiskey isn’t his drink, he can put literally any other spirit in there. 

this cool baseball cap
Embroidered Dad Hat
Cross Colours

Does he collect hats like a sneakerhead hoards shoes? Then he’ll probably appreciate this super-soft cap with a striking logo.

this smart speaker
Home Mini

A speaker and an assistant in one, a Google Home Mini is an ideal size for literally any room. It plays music, can connect with his fave streaming service, and can answer basically any question.

this captivating cologne
Sauvage Eau de Toilette

He’ll be fielding compliments left and right with a woodsy scent that has notes of amber and bergamot. If he lands a date because of this scent, you can tell him we say, “You’re welcome.”

this practical case
Gaming Console Carry Case

Does he spend hours holed up in his room playing endless amounts of video games? He could probably use this super-handy organizer.

these trendy boots
Chelsea Boots
Thursday Boots

Chinos and a simple T-shirt can be completely transformed with stylish footwear, like these suede boots right here. They’re available in several colors so you can find something he’ll really love.

this skinny tie
Skinny Satin Solid Black Tie
Designed by Don

Is he always wearing jeans and a T-shirt? Then a classic skinny tie might be just the gift for him because let’s be honest: He doesn’t really own anything for those fancier black tie festivities.

this whole bean coffee
Best of Africa Coffee Blend
Kahawa 1893

Is your bro completely dependent on caffeine? Expand his coffee horizons with a new brew that he’ll love. 

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