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I Tried Those Mouth-Watering Pills From TikTok, and They Totally Enhanced My Blow Job Technique

In this week’s Confessay, one writer buys Flintts Mints to see if they made giving head more ~sensational~.

I am a big fan of all things messy: messy sandwiches, messy hair, messy relationship history, you get it. But one thing I’ve never given too much thought to is the messy blow job.

Of course I know that lots of spit can enhance the hell out of your head game. But normally, I would just drink a giant glass of water before going down on my partner, then take multiple mid–blow job breaks to catch my breath and awkwardly chug some more water.

That was until I stumbled upon some famous ~mouth-watering pills~ on TikTok called Flintts Mints.

These lil candies became a viral sensation when influencer after influencer posted videos of themselves eating the mints while drooling all over the place. And because I’ll try anything that could potentially turn me into a literal sex goddess, I decided to dig into these mints a lil more myself.

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What are Flintts Mints?

The sugar-free, vegan, and non-GMO mints are made from the Amazonian Spilanthes flower. They’re touted as a solution to dry mouth (or “cotton mouth”) as a result of medications, anxiety, cannabis, and whatever else might cause your saliva glands to slack on the job.

Basically, they make your mouth super slobbery. But in addition to creating more spit, they also make your mouth sparkle to add a “pleasant electric sensation.” It feels sort of like drinking really, really cold water after brushing your teeth.

3 Pack Cinnamon Ginger Flintt's Mints

Now, the standard three-pack costs only $15 and you can choose from a variety of different strengths and flavors—the lower the strength, the less slobbery and sparkly your mouth will feel. The higher the strength, the more sparkly and slobbery.

So while you can absolutely pop one of these bad boys in after smoking a doobie or before giving a presentation, the real reason people are currently reaching for Flintts is because they want to give amazing oral.

And luckily, Russell Adler, the formulator of the mint candies, confirms that it’s A-okay to use them for sex.

Obviously, I had to test Flintts Mints to see if they were worth the hype….

I decided to go big. I popped two of the strongest mints offered (Cinnamon Ginger F Strength 300) and pulled my husband into our bedroom.

At first, the little white pills simply made my mouth feel like I was chewing a piece of Big Red gum. I could detect a spicy cinnamon flavor, which was akin to drinking some watered-down Fireball. Within minutes, however, that all changed.

My tongue began to heat up and feel somewhat numb (not in a bad way), and just as I was heading down south to my hub’s genital region, I came to find I couldn’t even keep the mints in my mouth because there was so much slobber. Both candies kept slipping off my tongue and onto his torso. I tried to sexily slurp them up, but when I opened my mouth, a waterfall of saliva fell out and doused his penis.

As his eyes rolled back into his head, I wiped my chin off with the back of my hand and shoved the mints into the sides of my cheeks like a chipmunk in an attempt to keep them in place. With each bob and slurp, more saliva trickled out of my mouth, and even though I kept swallowing it, I was surprised to find more immediately replaced it. It was almost like everywhere my mouth went, a spitty snail trail followed.

While I was distracted by the sheer amount of liquid that was oozing out of my mouth, I hadn’t even realized that my husband was making his customary “I’m about to climax” moans waaay earlier than usual. He tapped my head just in time before cumming into my mouth—an action I usually prefer doesn’t happen in my mouth.

To my surprise, instead of tasting like semen, the taste of his cum was actually masked by the mints. And considering how much thick saliva was already in my mouth, swallowing some of it down/letting the rest of it flow out of my already full mouth was NBD.

One glance at the clock told me the entire blow job lasted about four minutes total, and by the time my husband waddled off to the bathroom to clean up, the pills—although considerably smaller after dissolving for a few minutes—were still intact in my cheeks and my glass of water was still untouched on my bedside table.

Not only did they make my life a hell of a lot easier, but when I asked my hubs how it felt to be on the receiving end, he said that he, and I quote, “loved everything about it.” He loved seeing spit spilling from my mouth. He loved how sloppy it was. He loved the fact that when he got up, there was so much saliva on the sheets that it looked like he wet the bed. But most of all, he said he loved how it felt.

The Verdict

As a millennial in her late 20s, I take most TikTok trends with a very big grain of salt and a shot of tequila. Best case, they fail; worst case, they fail, they’re unsafe, and they’re a total waste of money. Flintts Mints proved to be the exact opposite.

These candies gave me more than just minty breath and a yummy-tasting mouth—they gave me a super-fast blow job secret weapon. An “I need to get him off in mere minutes and I don’t have time or energy to work really hard at it.” A miracle pill, if you will.

The only bad thing? They are on major, major backorder, fam. The website states that new orders can take up to three weeks to ship, but because of all the TikTok fame and success, you may need to be patient.

But let me just say, they are worth the wait—and could be here just in time for you to sexily celebrate the holidays. Just maybe consider putting a towel down when popping one of these because you and your partner will get wet, in the hottest of ways.

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