I F*cked My Australian Tour Guide in the Middle of the Desert While Everyone Else Was Asleep

In this week’s Confessay, one writer reveals how backpacking through the Australian desert turned into some of the hottest sex of her life.

Strong, sexy, sweat-sticky Simon* unzipped his green sleeping bag and invited me to squeeze inside next to him. It was a scorching hot summer night in the Australian outback, and I was about to fuck the tour guide who had been leading me around the desert.

He and I had met only five days earlier, when I spontaneously booked a five-day camping tour in the outback. He picked me up from my hostel, and I noticed his charm immediately. He slightly resembled a young Joey from Friends—but more rugged and authentically tough.

Oh, and his thick Aussie accent? Majorly sexy. Like, if there were a soap opera called Outback of Our Lives, Simon would play the dashing and mysterious bachelor who lived on a camel farm.

When we started our drive into the desert, I chatted with the 11 other travelers on tour, but my eye was definitely on Simon.

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During our hikes and walks, Simon and I always found our way to each other—chatting, flirting, and complaining about the heat. He’d often remind me to tie the laces on my pink hiking boots when they came undone, and on more than one occasion, he helped me up a difficult climb and offered to carry my bag.

I loved how genuine he was. I could tell he truly cared, and the sexual tension was brewing.

On the last night of our outback tour, I stayed up late with Simon after everyone else had already gone to bed. We watched the crackling fire we had made earlier that night as we sipped beers and talked about what led us both to this moment—why I’d come to Australia (to challenge myself), how he got into guiding (for the money), and why he wanted out (burnout).

Eventually, after a couple of hours, we collected our empty bottles and put them in the garbage bag and then parted ways to change into our sleeping clothes.

All week, Simon had warned us about the deadly snakes in the outback, and even though I was genuinely terrified, I also saw an opportunity presented to me.

“Simon, can I put my sleeping bag close to yours? I’m scared of the snakes.”

“Yeah, love, of course,” he said with a knowing smile, perhaps suspecting what might happen next.

Already nearby to Simon, I scooted my sleeping bag even closer to his on the dusty, red desert ground beneath the stars. We continued chatting in low whispers and shared some knowing glances about what we both wanted to do to each other.

That’s when he unzipped his green sleeping bag and motioned for me to join him in it. I quietly unzipped mine and stepped out into the hot night. Barefoot, I got in his sleeping bag with him, and we started spooning. He began moving his hand up and down my legs as I inched my butt closer, pressing myself up against him, eager for more.

Simon licked his hand, then stuck it inside my underwear and began rubbing my clitoris, alternating between slow and fast. I couldn’t take it any longer, so I pulled down my cotton shorts, followed by my underwear, and I could feel him behind me doing the same.

He slipped on a condom, grabbed me around my waist with his massive arm, and entered me from behind as he kissed my neck.

He slipped on a condom, grabbed me around my waist with his massive arm, and entered me from behind as he kissed my neck. I gasped, then put my hand over my mouth in an attempt to quiet myself.

As he moved in and out while rubbing me and grabbing my breasts, I pushed up against him and held onto his neck. And when both of our breathing grew shallower and shallower, I couldn’t hold out much longer. I came first, then he did. We muffled our sounds by covering our mouths so as not to wake the others nearby.

He held me and kissed my neck as I curled up against him. Naked in one small sleeping bag, we slept beneath a bouquet of glittering, sparkling stars.

I snuck out of his sleeping bag and back into mine early the next morning, without anyone noticing a thing. It was our last day, and as Simon made breakfast for the group, I could sense him watching me as he flipped eggs over the fire.

When he drove our group back toward the city to our individual accommodations, Simon dropped me off last. I figured it was intentional so we could have a private moment to chat, and I was right. He asked for my number and I gladly gave it.

As I walked back toward my hostel, sweaty and smelly, I couldn’t believe what had happened. Shout-out to my fear of snakes, I guess. It did get me laid.

*Name has been changed.

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