What Each Zodiac Sign Needs in a Friend With Benefits

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When you’re not ready for a relationship, what about a situationship? Sex with a regular partner can be fun, safer, and consistent, even if you’re not looking for ~something serious~. LBR, there are a lot of benefits to, well, friends with benefits. And of course, astrology can help you figure out if you should look for a Leo, a Scorpio, a Taurus, etc. Get all the deets about your next FWB here.


Your Aries FWB is about *getting in, getting off, and keeping it like that*. As a passionate fire sign, they live for the spontaneity and adventure that a situationship can bring. They don’t tend to have long-term FWBs because they ultimately do like having a boo, but they also have no hate against hanging out with someone they genuinely enjoy, being pals, and having some sexy times. In fact, many Aries FWB start out as for-real friends. They’re a lusty bunch, so if you do find yourself in the throes of passion with an Aries, keep it simple, keep it fresh, keep it fast, and keep it coming.


Your Taurus FWB is going to be all about pleasing you, bb! Um, highly recommend. The thing about Taureans is that they are sensual, romantic, and extremely intimate—and they often prefer connections with someone they care for over random encounters. So if you (or your Taurus) aren’t thinking it’s a forever match, at least it can be a five-orgasm night. Tauruses are never in a rush. They expect that sense of curiosity and intrigue to be a part of the foreplay! So expect them to pop a bottle of wine, offer you a snack, or just stroke your bod in the flickering candlelight for a while.


Your Gemini FWB wants hot, raunchy, NSA sex, babe! As a spicy air sign, they live life like a tornado and have no problem with spontaneity. In fact, their devilish side loooooves a hint of danger. They are a whirlwind in the bedroom and have no probs getting scandalous on the DL, so you’ll actually gain points in their eyes if the sex comes with a story. Jumping in a window? Sneaking in the back door? Meeting up in a hotel? That Gemini FWB is seeing stars! Hot sex is rare, they understand, so why let the chance pass them by? Especially if it gives them bragging rights to their besties or lets them live on the wild side.


News flash: Your Cancer FWB wants to act like your boo but not be your boo. They act like you’re just gonna cuddle/watch movies/have takeout in bed…but they know it’ll ultimately likely to lead to some kissing, groping, and moaning. They’re the masters of playing off the obvious, but LBR: They like the attention and want to be sure that both of your emotional boundaries are being respected! Don’t be shocked if they treat you like a crush, then pack you up some of those GrubHub nachos before they kick ya out the door! And JSYK, your Cancer FWB is never going to travel for a hookup because they love the safety of their home. Set your Uber budget now, bc these water signs will always be hosting at their place.


Your Leo FWB is going to looove being the center of your attention! In fact, they’ll demand it. On their time. On their schedule. In their fave position. When they’re in the mood. Well, that is, until they realize that you’re really good at worshipping them just as they like. Once they know that you’ll get them to a place of seeing stars, they will bend over backward for you (literally). This fire sign is super lusty but also a bit of a diva. Your Leo FWB can be great in bed and excellent at what they do, but to them, this situationship is mostly about feeding that ego and that big O.


Your Virgo FWB is gonna act totally chill on the surface, even though they’re not chill underneath it all! While it’ll take some warming up and getting to know each other (and them analyzing you to make sure you don’t have a hidden agenda), they do prefer a steady booty call. The best part about having a Virgo FWB, though, is that you don’t have to do anything but *show up*. They’ll have the lube, the condoms, the toys, the pillows, the harness, the whatevs (FYI, Virgos are notoriously kinky underneath their sweet demeanor). Trust me. These peeps are PREPARED. In the beginning, you’ll negotiate what is gonna go down. And then it goes down. Simple as that. Plus, the more you hang out regularly, the more they’ll end up opening up and being a legit friend. Expect to get plenty of free advice—they’ll act like your own private therapist as you pack up and call your Uber.


Your Libra FWB likes the chase, and they love being chased! Even for a situationship, the courtship process needs to be there, at least a little. TBH, they want to feel charmed by you. Flirty texts? Silly memes? A coy compliment? Be still, their Libra heart! *swoon* Once they’re sensing the chemistry, they’ll mirror back the seduction until they’re sure they’re intrigued. Then it’s GAME ON. Your Libra FWB loves to laugh, so the hookup needs to be fun, light, and playful, but they’re also super versatile in bed. Just expect some hot/cold energy between your sexy sessions because that’s just how they are. (I don’t make the rules.) Depending on who you are, that can drive you wild…or it can be frustrating AF, take your pick.


Your Scorpio FWB is DTF with chains and emotional BDSM, of course! For them, sex isn’t just about getting off—it’s also about exerting their power and seeing what buttons they can push. Hot? Yes. Intense? Very. Too much? Maybe! This water sign is known for their lusty side, and TBH, you should be feeling proud if you’ve snagged a Scorp FWB! This means they see you as a prize to possess and undress as they please. Having you as a staple in their harem of suitors is a power move because it’s an ego boost to them. And don’t worry: They’ll make sure they leave an imprint of hot sex on your soul, your mind, and your body. To put it simply, they’ll rock your world and keep you coming back for more.


Your Sag FWB is like a horny pup that can’t wait to figure out who they’ll hump next! They see little reason in getting off alone, because when you’re this good-looking, what fun is that? So of course they’d opt to find a hottie with a body like you. First off, they don’t want the hookups to be planned—they’d better be spontaneous. The wind blew? They’re horny. They saw a sexy person on IG? They’re horny. They looked in the mirror and saw their own dashing smile? They’re horny. So you’d better be able to swing by quickly! Flexibility is key for a Sag FWB—which is often why they don’t have just one at a time. In fact, they often have many to keep their wandering lust and interest busy, so be okay with that (and maybe consider doing the same). Also, do NOT hound them to see you. Do not chase them. They don’t want a needy boo.


Your Capricorn FWB is going to be all about having a steady situationship because…let me pull out the bullet point list: (1) They’re not ready for a relationship, (2) you’re not who they imagine being in a power couple with (sorry!), (3) they’re benching you, or (4) they like the idea of you but still haven’t figured you out. Hooking up with your Cap FWB will also be completely on their terms—so expect to be bowing down to their expectations and pleasure. Now, it doesn’t mean they won’t *also* be into getting you off…but if you are late, say something wrong, or offend them in the smallest of ways, they’re gonna be judgy AF. Also, whether or not they admit it, they are always looking for the next shiny best thing, so don’t be surprised if they suddenly stop texting you, bc they’ve already moved on and blocked your number. Cue up your Adele Spotify soundtrack…but it’ll all have been worth it.


Your Aquarius FWB is like a gift sent from Hookup Heaven. Why? Because they value direct communication, exploration, and just downright fun…but will not give two sh*ts if you don’t text them back right away! They have no problem keeping it casual and not getting feelings involved. In fact, they think that’s ideal because then they can try out different versions of themselves with you. In a sense, you’re like their very own personal sex coach (go ahead: add that to your résumé) who teaches them what they do—or don’t—like. They’ll be chill, no drama, and down to hang—or hook up. Just don’t expect a super-regular schedule: An Aquarius will hit you up with that “WYD?” once in a blue moon or at most once a week. Legit. No worries, no mood boards, no expectations, no strings: just two people sharing a vibe. (Yes, that kind of vibe.)


Your Pisces FWB wants the situationship to be like a dance. You tango, you seduce, you court, but then you leave the end…hanging. No, I’m not talking about the big O. (Don’t be a selfish lover!) I’m just saying that your Pisces FWB likes the mystery of where your star-crossed sex connection could lead. They like wondering about you after the fact. That’s why there will always be some blurred lines with a Pisces FWB. Part of them will always wonder where it could go. The catch here is that they want affection and sex from you, and they’ll eventually wonder, OMG, is this the beginning of a random real-world rom-com that you’ll end up telling your kids someday? HOWEVER, the key to maintaining the situationship is that you can’t talk about feelings. If you do, then BAM, it’s over. They freak out, get emotional, and will swim away like the lil fishies they are.

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