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Capricorn Season Is Helping You Say Goodbye to 2021

And hello to 2022.

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Here you are, in the midst of the holiday season, trying to finish your last-minute shopping and finalize your New Year's plans...hello, it’s Capricorn season! On Tuesday, December 21, the Sun flies out of Sagittarius and steps into the cardinal earth sign Capricorn. Capricorn season 2021 is especially exciting because for the first time in three years, Saturn, the planet of blockages, isn’t hanging around to make things as difficult as possible! Expect an easier Capricorn season than it has been during the past few years—especially if you’re an earth sign.

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Capricorn is the sign of status, reputation, and security. As an earth sign, Cap energy tends to make you feel a little more materialistic— but hey, is that just makes it easier to find nice, high-quality prezzies for your loved ones! These serious, matter-of-fact Capricorn vibes are also great for focusing, clearing your mind, and getting shit done—luckily for everyone going through finals season or finishing up an end-of-year presentation. Capricorn season doesn't end until January 19, 2022, and the last few weeks will you get your life together, go back to work feeling 100% ready for action, and slay the game on the job.

Not enough? This is also a great month to start important conversations, sign big contracts, and take on a more business-oriented mindset. You’re less emotional and more logical. Getting your point across is simply much easier! Here’s the problem, though—this intellectual vibe means that you can come across rather cold if you’re not careful. Remember to choose your words carefully, and learn to work with others. That way, you can get anything done!

Free advice: This Capricorn season, focus on something (or someone) you really want. Make a list, make a plan, and then take action. How can you tangibly reach your dream goals, relationships, or bring your passions to life? Figuring that out is your key to getting the most out of Capricorn season 2021. Have fun!

Read your Sun/Rising sign horoscopes for Capricorn season:


Capricorn season is urging you to push yourself to the limits, Aries. You’re in the spotlight right now, especially at work, and your every move is being watched closely. No pressure, though! Do your best and make sure you’re giving yourself time to celebrate your successes, no matter how small. A big bonus or promotion could be in store for you!


Your sign is getting some of the best Capricorn season vibes this year! This month is all about exploration. Whether it’s a day trip, a vacay somewhere far away, or just signing up for a class or a club, you’re being pushed to expand your mind and broaden your perspectives. You’re usually stubborn as hell, but you’re finding that it’s easier than ever to get rid of your tunnel vision and accept newness and excitement in your life!


Commitment, trust, and intimacy are your three big themes this Capricorn season, Gemini. This month is really, really reinforcing the lessons you’ve learned lately. Don’t be afraid to let your feet touch the ground. Don’t think of a relationship as “settling down"; think of it as a glow up to your love life. You can build a beautiful, tight connection with your special someone right now.


Capricorn season = cuffing season for you, so it’s the perfect time to get a wintertime boo and snuggle up with them in front of the fireplace. Saturn, the planet of restrictions, has been getting in the way of your love life for a long time, but now’s your time to shine! Shoot your shot, ask your crush out, swipe right on all the cuties on your dating app, and you’re all but guaranteed to meet your next special someone!


Listen, it’s time to get your life together, Leo. Look around. See those dishes stacked a mile high in your sink? Clean them. See that pile of laundry you’ve shoved in the corner of your closet? Fold them! Feeling under the weather? Go to the doc! This next month is all about tidying up and getting all your ducks in a row, so that once Aquarius season comes along, you can shine as the best version of yourself!


Ooh la la! This is the first time in years that your chart’s 5tg house (which governs romance, sex, and fun) isn’t being roughed up by Saturn, the planet of blockages. Hook up! Speed date! Get kinky in bed with your boo! This next month is all about looking good, feeling great, and having a damn blast—now get to it!


The holiday season can be especially stressful for you, because you tend to spend So. Much. Time. around your family. This can be real tough (like when your weird uncle starts yelling about politics when you’re trying to enjoy a Christmas dinner)—but if you take advantage of this month, this can be a time of immense healing. Be your same old congenial self. Focus on reconnecting with your roots and keeping in touch with your family. If your biological family sucks, this is your chance to connect with your chosen family.


Your phone? Off the hook. Your notifications? Popping off. Your inbox? Stuffed to the brim. This is a busy, busy month for you, but not necessarily because of work—you’re simply staying plugged in and connecting with tons of people. Whether you’re focusing on old friends, new faces, or finding your next special someone, this is an amazing time to start big conversations, go on exciting adventures, and learn about the world around you.


Work’s becoming a much bigger focus for you right now, Sagittarius. This is great! Extra hours means extra pay, and the harder you work now, the harder you can play later. Keep track of your finances, too. You’re likely to make extra money now, but you’re even more likely to overspend. Control your impulses, try to save when you can, and this next month will be a productive and positive experience.


Happy birthday!!! You’ve been held back by Saturn, the planet of blockages, for the past few Capricorn seasons. But this time, you’re finally free and can have a little fun! The world’s your oyster right now. Blast off towards your goals, make new connections, and explore! The projects and relationships you start now promise to have long-lasting significance.


You often have a pretty meh holiday season, because Capricorn season’s influence activates your chart’s 12th house of isolation and the completion of cycles. Clean your plate of old projects, jobs, and relationships that no longer serve you, Aquarius. It’s not fun work, but it’s necessary work. Do this now, and 2022 can be a true “new year, new me,” experience!


Your social life is getting a glow up, Pisces! Whether you’re attending bunches of festive gatherings, going out more, or staying plugged in to your social media, you can count on making loads of new connections. Most of them will end up being just a pal or an acquaintance, but you never know—this could be the month you turn a new buddy into your next bestie!

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