Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

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What’s happening: Tonight, the Moon is in Gemini, making it a great time to make new connections. But you can expect to start spotting your exes soon, because Venus Retrograde begins on Sunday—it's a rough time where you’re pushed to deal with old relationships. However, the Sun and lucky Jupiter connect on Sunday too, making it easy to feel extra charismatic and build bonds with others.

On Monday, Mercury and Uranus connect, which is a big sign that surprise messages from totally unexpected people are coming your way. Finally on Tuesday, Capricorn season 2021 begins!

What that means for you:


This weekend’s Gemini Moon is spectacular if you’re single—shooting your shot feels easier, you’re matching with aaaalllll the hotties, and finding someone to hook up with or date is a breeze. But the rest of the week’s vibe is a little more serious. What are your relationship goals? How can you get there? This is a time to think about the future of your love life, but don’t take any action yet. Venus Retrograde wants you to take things slow and figure things out at a healthy pace. Patience is key right now!


You’re finally emerging from the intense, emotional depths of Sagittarius season! In fact, you're feeling light and breezy thanks to Capricorn season’s influence, but Venus Retrograde’s vibes are bringing a lil bit of stress. Exes, especially exes that live/moved far away, are coming back around. And if you’re in a long-distance relationship, miscommunications and misunderstandings are way more likely to pop up. Focus on the people in your immediate vicinity—friends, family, partners, or even your new crush—and avoid dating apps for the next couple weeks, and you’ll be just fine.


This last weekend of Sagittarius season is the perf time to DTR—even though being commitment-oriented is not your usual vibe. Take that leap of faith and start the process of upgrading your relationship status. You’re able to learn more about the importance of commitment and trust, but Venus Retrograde signifies that it’ll def be a long learning process. Don’t let a fear of commitment hold you back from living your best love life, bb. You have an emotional time ahead, but it’s an important, necessary time for the development of your relationships.


Capricorn season = cuffing season for your sign, but this time around you’re facing a little bit of trouble thanks to Venus Retrograde. Usually, this is a stellar time to DTR, but I suggest taking things verrrrrrry slowly right now! If you’re single, Monday’s a great time to put yourself out there and run into your next crush—just avoid jumping into a relationship with them. Your values and #relationshipgoals are changing, and someone who seems like your perf match today might end up being someone that’s super not your type by the end of Venus Retrograde. Be patient and enjoy taking things slow—there’s no rush!


One of the best transits for love is called Sun sextile Jupiter, and it’s activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun this weekend—need I say more? Basically, this is a great time for finding someone new to fool around with. Don’t expect these new connections to end up being the LOYL, though! In fact, this is a bad time to take your love life super seriously. I recommend you take it easy, enjoy hooking up/flirting/casually dating, and spend as much time as you need deciding which of these potential paramours is your best match.


Even though Venus Retrograde is a notorious time for ex-related craziness, you’re actually being saved from most of the drama this week! Gentle, pleasant transits are activating your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun, so whether you’re single, dating, or happily boo’d up, you can expect life in the bedroom to become way hotter. This is reinforced by Capricorn season’s exciting vibes, so you’re avoiding tons of drama that the other signs are being forced to deal with—yay! Just don’t rush into any new relationships, or they’ll probs end up falling apart before the retrograde is over.


Although this is a great weekend for hooking up or going on a few first dates, the rest of this week’s astrology is urging you to stop having fun and start focusing on past relationships. People you have a ton of history with—whether good or bad—are becoming more relevant. You’re being called to deal with crappy old connections and improve your positive connections. This is an emotional time, but as long as you’re focusing on those positive connections, you can actually experience a ton of intimacy and improve your relationship with them.


Try to avoid hooking up this weekend, Scorpio, because the Gemini Moon in your chart’s intimacy zone is signaling that catching feels for your fling is a huge possibility. This is a complicated time coming up for you, bb. You’re meeting loads of new connections and your DMs are full of hotties, but they’re not really looking to stick around. You value intimacy, trust, and commitment, but a lot of these new potential paramours are looking for a hit and run. If you wanna fool around, go for it, but don’t set any high expectations—your hookup will likely stay just a hookup.


Whether you’re meeting up with your crush for the first time, hooking up with your FWB, or having a romantic date night with bae, this weekend’s ah-mazing for your love life. Send a thank-you card to the Gemini Moon in your chart’s relationships zone! Better yet, the Sun/Jupiter connection on Sunday is perf for making exciting new connections—if you're single, make sure you maximize on this good astro and put yourself out there! Venus Retrograde’s dramatic vibes are avoiding your love life for the most part, too (yay!). A word of warning—this is a notorious time for income instability, so make sure you’re staying on top of your budget!


It’s the final weekend of a long, lonely, busy Sagittarius season! Your birthday season is starting on Tuesday, helping you feel much better. Don’t expect a ton of action right now, though, because Venus Retrograde is urging you to pull back from your love life and work on self-love (*wink*). Take care of yourself like you would a lover. Buy yourself a cute new outfit, some sexy lingerie, or some kinky toys, and go to town on yourself! The sexier you feel, the sexier you’ll come off to others, and as you show more love to yourself, you’ll become a more lovable person as a result. That’s when your love life can truly get the glow up it needs!


Love is in the air this weekend! The Gemini Moon in your chart’s zone of romance, sex, and fun is filling you up with confidence and helping you come off as even more charismatic than usual. Enjoy it while it lasts, because Capricorn season (and especially Venus Retrograde) promises to slow your life down—especially your love life—a ton. I hate to say it, but it looks like a dry spell is coming up. No matter how much you want to make new connections, you’re left feeling thirsty.


Unexpected connections are coming your way, Pisces! Hopefully they’re new, exciting connections, but Venus Retrograde’s influence this week all but promises that you’ll be dealing with exes and frenemies. My advice? Focus on the people who make you feel the best, and work on recognizing red flags from past relationships so that your new love connections can run as smoothly as possible. Capricorn season is one of the most social times of year for you—enjoy!

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